Nationwide Warning Day 2023


Project period

15.07.2023 – 29.02.2024

Project staff

Prof. Dr. Thomas Bliesener (project manager)

Arne Dreißigacker

Laura-Romina Goede

Carl Philipp Schröder (advisory function)


Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance

Project description

On September 10, 2020, the first Nationwide Warning Day took place in Germany. At 11 a.m., sirens and other warning systems were to be triggered throughout Germany and a warning was to be transmitted on radio, television and via apps.

The aim of the warning day was, on the one hand, to check the technical processes and also the warning devices themselves for their function and possible weaknesses by means of a test warning. On the other hand, the people in Germany were to be informed about the warning of the population and thus made aware of it.

On the Nationwide Warning Day 2020, technical problems meant that the trial warning was only sent out with a delay. The Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) then received numerous responses from the population. This unexpectedly high number of feedbacks could not be processed adequately. Therefore, KFN designed a back channel for the Nationwide Warning Day 2022 to systematically process and evaluate the feedback. Subsequently, KFN took over the evaluation of the more than 800,000 questionnaires received.

With the help of the back channel, the impressions of the population on the Nationwide Warning Day 2022 were captured and it was worked out which people were informed about the warning message on the Nationwide Warning Day in which way and what the subjective feeling of safety of the respondents was.

The Nationwide Warning Day 2023 will take place on 14.09.2023. The experiences and impressions of the population are to be collected again with the help of a similarly designed survey and then evaluated by the KFN.

On the basis of the data evaluation, it is to be examined, how high the range of the different warning means was at the Nationwide Warning Day. In this context, it was also of interest at what time the individual warning means were perceived and whether information about the implementation of the Nationwide Warning Day was available in the run-up to the warning day. The extent of warned persons should be compared with the result from the previous year, depending on the warning means, in order to be able to evaluate, among other things, whether more or fewer persons were reached in 2023.