Working in correctional institutions

Project period

2001 – 2004

Project staff

Prof. Dr. Werner Greve

Dipl.-Psych. Alexandra Lehmann


Bundesministerium für Gesundheit und beteiligte Städte/Bundesländer

Project description

Although people working in correctional institutions naturally influence not only the atmosphere and the working and living conditions inside a prison, but also its efficiency and effectiveness, their situation has received far less research attention than that of the prisoners they oversee. Thus, both the employees and their clientele, and in turn the general public that prison staff work to protect, all benefit from accurate and detailed research on the working and living standards and especially the potential psychological and physical strains experienced by staff in performing their prison duties, about working with prisoners, and about the problems involved in dealing with the general public and the media.

The survey of employees in correctional institutions took in a broad range of issues, including individual strains and challenges experience within and outside the workplace, and structural challenges and changes in prisons. By including all service and occupational groups, the survey allowed conclusions to be drawn on all areas of correctional work.

Project related publications
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