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KFN regularly offers internships for students of psychology, social sciences, sociology and law. Interns are invited to take part in a research project, in which they are expected to work as independently as possible. By performing groundwork, they are expected to a certain extent to help reduce the workload of the academic staff. In return, they gain an opportunity to become acquainted with the workings of a non-university research institute with a private sector-based structure.

Applicants should have studied for at least three semesters, have attended thematically relevant lectures and be able to demonstrate their knowledge of empirical social research. KFN is particularly interested to award longer-duration internships (full-time internships over two to three months).

Notes for applicants:
Ideally you should apply for an internship that is specifically advertised at KFN. These are publicised on the KFN website according to the supervisory capacity available. Unsolicited applications may likewise be successful, however, if you specifically refer in your application to a KFN research project that you would like to work on or describe your thematic interests as precisely as possible. Experience has shown that applications are more likely to be successful if made in the months when the universities are in session. It is also recommended to state several alternative time periods during which you would be available for the internship.

A full and complete application consists of the following:

  • Cover letter (making reference to favoured KFN projects or a specific advertised internship, and stating a number of areas of interest and the potential time period for the internship)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Examination grades and any intermediate and final qualifications obtained
  • School-leaving certificate qualifying you for university study (German Abitur or equivalent)
  • Other references

Please apply in writing by letter mail. Application folders can be returned if a stamped, addressed envelope is enclosed. Please note that we are unable to consider incomplete applications when awarding internships. Please also note that KFN does not provide payment for internships or towards accommodation, travel or similar.

If you would like to apply for an internship, please send your application to Birgit Bergmann who is responsible for internships at KFN.