KFN currently receives €1.5 million per year in institutional funding from the Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture.

In addition, KFN has attracted substantial external funding for almost all current research projects over the years. Sponsors include, or have included, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, the German Research Foundation), various other foundations, federal and state ministries, crime prevention bodies, cities, administrative districts and municipalities.

The state funding is essential in obtaining outside funding in that it enables KFN to attract leading experts from a range of disciplines who themselves raise research funding and create new jobs for researchers.


Organization chart

Board of Directors

Bliesener, Prof. Dr. Thomas (Director)
Bartsch, Prof. Dr. Tillmann (deputy Director)

Business Manager

Waldhof, Renate

Equal Opportunities Officer

Krieg, Yvonne
Dreißigacker, Leonie (deputy)


Becher, Lea
Borger, Christiane
Deyerling, Lena
Dreißigacker, Arne
Dreißigacker, Leonie
Goede, Laura-Romina
Hahnemann, Anna
Hellmann, Prof.’in Dr. Deborah F.
Henningsmeier, Isabel
Hirschmann, Jonah
Klebe, Dr. Laura
Krieg, Yvonne
Kubicki, Marco
Küster, Robert
Labarta Greven, Nora
Lutz, Paulina
Müller, Philipp
Neumann, Merten
Rühs, Dr. Farina
Schröder, Carl Philipp
Schüttler, Helena
Seddig, PD Dr. Daniel
Steinmann, Dr. Jan-Philip
Treskow, Laura


Bergmann, Birgit
Mecklenburg, Eberhard
Pfeffer, Melanie
Deyerling, Lena
Ringler, Ricardo