Journal of Criminology and Penal Reform

The Journal of Criminology and Penal Reform is a central forum for research and legal policy in the fields of crime and crime control within German-speaking countries. There are also increasing international opportunities, including the publication of articles in the English language. The journal reflects the full range of disciplines that contribute to criminological research: psychology, sociology, psychiatry, law, economics, educational sciences, history, medicine etc. This scope is also represented in the journal’s advisory board. The journal aims to inform readers about the latest criminological research findings and developments in criminal policy.
The journal was established by Gustav Aschaffenburg, with the assistance of Franz von Liszt and Karl von Lilienthal, in 1904 and now features nearly 120 years of history. The journal’s editors include Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Hans-Jörg Albrecht (Freiburg), Prof. Dr. Thomas Bliesener (KFN/Göttingen), Prof. Dr. Klaus Boers (Münster) and Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Friedrich Lösel (Erlangen). Since late 2020, the journal’s editorial management has been the responsibility of Prof. Dr. Tillmann Bartsch and Eberhard Mecklenburg of the Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony (KFN). The journal is peer-reviewed and currently has an impact factor of 0.233. The journal has been available online since 2010.

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