The Nordic Modell in the centre of Europe? – Impacts of the Corona-Pandemic in the field of Prostitution

Project period

01.03.2021 – 31.12.2021

Project staff

Prof. Dr. Tillmann Bartsch (project manager)

Dipl.-Psych. Bettina Zietlow 

Robert Küster

Project description

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, major restrictions limited legal prostitution. The concrete effects of the restrictions in this area are yet unknown. In particular, it is unclear whether and, if so, where and to what extent prostitution, was still being practiced and what consequences the restrictions had or could have in the future for prostitutes and counselling centres. In order to answer these and other questions, a nationwide written survey of counselling centres for Prostitutes will be conducted. The aim of the survey, which was prepared by means of expert interviews with professional counsellors, is to obtain detailed insights into the situation in the field of prostitution during the corona pandemic. In particular, the activities of sex workers and trafficked persons during the crisis-related restrictions, the situation of those who were still active in sex work, and the work of the counselling centres will be examined. The results of this quantitative study will be discussed in interviews with experts. In order to reflect the perspective of those, mostly affected by the restrictions adequately, interviews will be conducted with prostitutes.