Prejudice-Related Crime

Project period

01.11.2017 – 31.12.2019

Project staff

Dr. Dominic Kudlacek (project manager)

Stephanie Fleischer

Christoffer Glaubitz

Matthew Phelps


Federal Ministry of the Interior

Cooperation partner

Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei (DHPol)

Project description

Cooperation between security authorities and civil society with regard to the prevention of prejudice-related crimes shall be examined in cooperation with the DHPol.

Prejudice-related offenses are criminally relevant acts that are wholly or partially motivated by prejudice against certain characteristics of the victim (such as race, descent, nationality, religion, gender, age or physical disability) and send an intimidating message to the victim’s entire social group. Since the strong influx of refugees into Europe in 2015/2016, phobic propaganda against immigration and asylum seekers and related crimes have gained importance in Germany as well. Therefore, the focus of the project should be placed especially on this central part of the prejudice-induced offenses.

First, a study will examine the cooperation between security authorities and civil society actors. The aim of the study is to take stock of civil society actors, their activities and cooperation with security authorities both at national and international level. In addition, “best practices” of cooperative action are to be derived and recommendations for action for collaboration between security authorities and civil society actors are to be developed.

Subsequently, the results of the study are to be reflected back to the specialist public within the scope of four events and validated in a communicative manner.