Public perceptions of repressive violence and its consequences

Project period

01.08.2021 –

Project staff

Dr. Anne-Kathrin Kreft

Dr. Ingrid Vik Bakken (University of Duisburg-Essen)

Dr. Ragnhild Nordås (University of Michigan)


Norges Forskningsråd (Norwegian Research Coucil)

University of Oslo

University of Michigan


Project description

In this project we use survey experiments to examine public perceptions of violence perpetrated by state actors, with a particular focus on repressive violence, and its consequences. How does the public perceive different forms of violence? Does, as suggested in the conflict literature, the instrumental use of sexual violence stand out as exceptionally severe and illegitimate? How do respondents expect victims and the larger societal context to be affected by, and react to, repressive violence? Do the forms of violence and the gender of the victims affect these assessments? Answering these questions provides invaluable insights into societal processes of mobilization and demobilization in response to state repression.