Klasse2000 (Class2000)

Evaluation of the German-wide teaching concept for health promotion, addiction prevention and violence prevention

Project period

2/2016 – 12/2019

Project staff

Dr. Sören Kliem (project manager)

Yvonne Krieg

Cooperation partner

PD Dr. Thomas Mößle

Project description

Aims of the program Klasse2000 (“class2000”) are the development of a healthy lifestyle and prevention of addiction and violence through the promotion of health and life competences (violence, health-related quality of life, self-esteem and addiction behavior). It is integrated into the teaching of classes 1 to 4. The KFN evaluates the implementation in Lower Saxony in 2017 as a representative pupil survey of fourth graders.

The following aspects should be examined: quality of life, self-esteem, behavioral strengths and discomforts, social skills, impulsiveness and empathy, class climate (also: violence and dispute climate), school behavior and school performance, victimisation and perpetration of bullying, school absenteeism, alcohol consumption, smoking and delinquent behavior as well as a delinquent circle of friends, parental care, leisure behavior, media equipment and use as well as computer game addiction.

In addition to a survey of the pupils, a survey of the parents, a teacher survey and a survey of the directors are planned. Beyond that, the success of class2000 is to be evaluated in the next upcoming Lower Saxony-wide student survey 2017 (ninth grade).