Reactions of western democracies to conflict-related sexual violence

Project period

01.01.2023 –

Project staff

Dr. Anne-Kathrin Kreft

Dr. Karin Schaftenaar Johansson (Universität Uppsala)


Universität Oslo


Project description

In this project, we explore how and under what conditions western democratic states sanction perpetrators of sexual violence in armed conflict. Two questions are of particular interest: How does the victimization of civilians, relative to political, economic and other national interests as well as geopolitical considerations, affect sanctioning decisions? And how do (trans)national anti-gender and anti-feminist movements, which lead to a de-emphasis of the international Women, Peace and Security framework, affect the engagement with conflict-related sexual violence that is an integral part of this framework? We also hope to gain insight into the consequences for victim-centered approaches to conflict-related sexual violence, whose importance is increasingly highlighted by various stakeholders.