Organized Crime concerning Domestic Burglary

Project period

01.03.2016 – 31.03.2019

Project staff

Dr. Anna Isenhardt (project manager)

Louisa Johanningmeier

Alexandra Röhrig (student assistant)



Project description

While the number of burglaries in Germany has been rising sharpely for almost ten years, the clearance rate and the probability of sentencing remain at a constant low level. Previous researches of the KFN to the phenomenon of domestic burglary revealed that the investigation situation is very difficult for the prosecution authorities due to lack of traces and witnesses. Moreover, the results of KFN show that the criminal group is very heterogeneous and partially actions are committed by foreign offenders. According to the situation reports of the BKA there are initial reports on the procedures concerning Organized Crime (OC) and property crime, deeper insights into the crime of burglary theft in the field of OC are far less visible. Explicitly there is a lack of systematic knowledge about various OC-structures and which investigation measures turn out to be effective in terms of a conviction and how international cooperations can be an effective structure.

The research project “Organized Crime concerning Domestic Burglary” aims at acquiring knowledge about the structures, the perpetrators, the effectiveness of various investigative measures and international cooperations. Existing knowledge and data of the KFN will be used in the research project. This way there can be done a comparison of burglaries within OC-structures and those without relation to OC.

The project on the one hand is based on extensive national and international expert interviews totaling 27 interviews. On the other hand a file analysis is carried out within Germany, systematically examining all OC-investigations in connection with burglary within the period from 2012 to 2015.

Press release OC burglary (german)

Project related publications
  • Wollinger, G. R.; Querbach, M.; Röhrig, A.; König, A.  (2018): Täterstrukturen und Strafermittlungen im Bereich des organisierten Wohnungseinbruchdiebstahls. Ergebnisse einer internationalen Expertenbefragung. (KFN-Forschungsberichte No. 141). Hannover: KFN. Download