Evaluation of police video surveillance in public places in NRW (§ 15a PolG NRW)

Project period

01.11.2017 – 28.02.2019

Project staff

Prof. Dr. Thomas Bliesener

Dr. Dominic Kudlacek

Stephanie Fleischer

Christoffer Glaubitz

Merten Neumann


Ministry of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia

Project description

Since the new version of the PolG NRW of 25.07.2003 the police in North Rhine -Westphalia can for crime prevention, in accordance with § 15a PolG NRW, by means of image transmission and recordings in public places where repeated offenses were committed in accordance with certain save prerequisites and deletion periods.

The purpose of the evaluation is, on the one hand, to highlight the practical application of the regulation (process evaluation) and, on the other hand, the effects of this (impact evaluation).

As part of the process evaluation, it should be clarified whether the legal provisions in the practical application are adhered to. In addition, the practicability in everyday use should be evaluated and implementation hurdles and potential for improvement identified. The efficacy evaluation deals with the question of whether the situation at the video-monitored places changes as a result of the measure. The change should take into account both the crime rate and the sense of security of the citizens.