New research report published: rocker crime

As part of a research project the Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony (KFN) examined the phenomenon of “rocker crime” from January 1st, 2017 to December 31st, 2019. Crime phenomena associated with biker groups were examined under the title “rocker crime”. The project was funded by the European Union from the Internal Security Fund (ISF) and KFN.

A differentiated empirical and legal classification of the phenomenon of “rocker crime” is presented here. Different biker clubs, police and legal measures, recent developments in the biker scene in Germany, as well as the practice of prohibition to form associations were of interest in the study. Furthermore, it was investigated whether the international presence of the rocker clubs also resulted in indications of criminal acts with a supra-regional dimension and of what relevance the assignment of “rocker crime” to the area of organized crime is.

For this purpose, qualitative interviews with national and international experts were conducted in the research project. Moreover, an extensive analysis of criminal case files as well as of prohibition orders and their subsequent administrative court decisions was carried out.

In addition to empirical results on law enforcement practice and the judiciary, the current state of research as well as the legal and empirical analysis of the prohibition to form associations and the change in law on associations are presented. Further, the report gives a definition of the “rocker” and subculture concept as well as an overview of the emergence of the biker movement.

The research report can be downloaded here (PDF in german).