Research report in project “school surveys” (Lower Saxony Survey)

On April, 20 2017 the KFN-project school surveys released the results of the Lower Saxony Survey 2013 and 2015 in the research report No. 131.
In terms of content, it is linked to earlier KFN school surveys. An emphasis is put on investigating the dark field of juvenile criminality, which means on violence victims’ experiences, violence and perpetrators of property injuries. At the same time, however, a whole series of other topics will be discussed.

In the survey wave of 2013, 9 512 ninth graders were interviewed, while in the survey wave of 2015 they were 10 638 ninth grades. In both survey years, 64.4% (2013) and 68.5% (2015) achieved a good return.

Download KFN Research Report No.131 (german)

Download summary KFN Research Report No.131 (german)

You can find further information on the project site.