New publication: Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

The former employee Dr. Ina Ulrich (geb. Klopp) published her dissertation „Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. Eine empirische Untersuchung zur polizeilichen und justiziellen Vorgehensweise gegen Mitglieder von Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs“.

In view of the high priority that the phenomenon of outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMCGs), especially in the context of organized crime, has assumed among law enforcement
agencies, as well as the media and criminal policy interest in criminal acts by members of OMCGs, this work is the first to critically examine the police and judicial working methods in this special subject area. Based on an analysis of expert interviews as well as criminal case files, the study shows which strategies are pursued regarding the fight against organized crime using the example of crime by members of OMCGs and which difficulties exist within the (criminal) proceedings. The work as well describes the differences between the police and the judiciary in the way they view and deal with the phenomenon.

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