English research report of the results of the Lower Saxony Survey 2019 published

The focus of the Lower Saxony Survey is the investigation of unreported cases of juvenile delinquency, i.e., experiences of violence, violent offenses, as well as victimhood and perpetration of property crimes. In addition, factors of juvenile delinquency as well as other forms of deviant behavior are collected, including truancy and the consumption of alcohol and drugs. The content of the Lower Saxony Survey 2019 is based on the previous KFN student surveys as well as the three previous surveys of the Lower Saxony Survey from 2013 to 2017. To assess trends in juvenile delinquency and its factors, the results of the 2019 survey are primarily correlated with those of the 2017 survey. In some cases it is possible to observe a trend beginning in 2013.

With regard to delinquency (from the perspective of victims and perpetrators), it can be stated that some offenses have increased slightly in recent years, although the comparison with the KFN’s nationwide student survey in 2007/2008 concludes that in 2019, adolescents in Lower Saxony are significantly less likely to have committed crimes than twelve years ago. Overall, positive developments can also be reported: There is a trend for adolescents to smoke less over the years, to share less right-wing extremist attitudes and to experience less physical violence inflicted by parents.

Research Report (PDF)