New research report “right-wing extremism in Schleswig-Holstein”

As part of the project “Update of regional analyses of right-wing extremism in Schleswig-Holstein”, which was funded by the Schleswig-Holstein State Prevention Council, a representative survey of 2,824 seventh and ninth grade pupils was conducted at general schools between February and June 2018. The project can be seen as a follow-up project to two previous studies on right-wing extremism in Schleswig-Holstein carried out in 2013 and 2014 (Maresch & Bliesener, 2015; Maresch, Gansewig & Bliesener, 2013).

The survey focused on experiences with right-wing extremist violence and attitudes. Overall, the continuation of the regional analyses in Schleswig-Holstein makes it possible to record more recent changes with regard to the occurrence of politically extreme ideas and the establishment of contacts with right-wing extremists, organisations, leisure activities and events among young people.

The German report can be found here (PDF)

The German summary of the report can be found here (PDF)