New research report “Homicide of children aged 6-13 in Germany”

On 13th September 2017 KFN published a report the results of the project Homicide of children aged 6-13. The study – a follow-on project to the KFN research project on homicides of children aged 0-5 in Germany– had several focuses of enquiry. Firstly, it aimed to generate reliable data on the nature of child homicides. Secondly, it identified causes, circumstances and risk factors. Thirdly, it analysed these in order to draw conclusions for the prevention of child homicides. Fourthly, and in parallel to the foregoing, it investigated the detection, investigation and criminal prosecution of child homicides. This entails an analysis of investigation files on all cases of intentional, completed homicides of children aged 6-13 for the period 1997-2012, comprising a total of 518 cases according to the Police Crime Statistics.

Download KFN press announcement (PDF) (german)

Download KFN research report no. 134 (PDF)

Further information can be found on the project’s page.