Prevention and treatment of substance and non-substance addictions in Lower Saxony

Research project to derive consensus recommendations for the onward development of addiction prevention and treatment in Lower Saxony


Project period

1.5.2015 – 28.02.2018

Project staff

PD Dr. Florian Rehbein (Project manager)

Jan Weber


Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Equality of Lower Saxony

Cooperation partner

Land Office for Dependence Matters of Lower Saxony (Niedersächsische Landesstelle für Suchtfragen (NLS))

Project description

The study inventorises the structures and activities of Lower Saxony counselling centres and facilities for addiction prevention and treatment. The overarching aim is to formulate recommendations for use as guidance by Lower Saxony policy and administration decision makers in shaping the future of this area of provision.

Following a participatory approach, the supporting entities and addiction self-help organisations under the umbrella of the Lower Saxony Centre for Addiction Issues (NLS) were asked about their experience, services, (future) challenges and trends with regard to their clients.

The study design employs methodological triangulation. Preparatory, qualitative expert interviews are used to identify key issues in the field and to specify who is an expert for the purposes of the project.

The outcomes form the basis for the planned two-phase quantitative online expert survey. In the first phase of the online survey (t1), responding experts are given the opportunity to describe the current situation of the Lower Saxony prevention and treatment system, the second survey phase (t2) is focused on describing potential challenges and prospects for the future.

The recommendations derived from the findings will be validated in concluding, qualitative focus group discussions with a selection of experts from the study area.

Project related publications